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Vincenikki was broke and wanted to make a quick buck. So she decided to fuck the white guy who was passing by the neighborhood. He wanted to fuck her, but she had refused. So when she made contact, he was more than happy to pay her for some hot and steamy sex since he need a new entry in his diary. The old geezer kept a Pinay diary of all the things he wanted, and Vincenikki was mistaken to think that she would just suck his dick and lay him for two minutes then get the cash.

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He turned out to be kinky, adventurous and had a big boner! She ended up enjoying all the tricks he taught her. He had a good tongue and gave her awesome cunnilingus before she returned the favor and they had some steamy sex. She even came multiple times, something she had never experienced before. She was now curious and wanted to experience what else he had in his Pinay diary.

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