Honeybabes has a fling and it makes it to the Pinay diary

Honeybabes is one hottie that makes it to the Pinay diary

Honeybabes was told that the best way to get over someone is to get under someone. So she decided to have a fling to forget her breakup from her longtime boyfriend. So she decided to go to the club. Her good looks and sexy body soon attracted a handsome and well built guy who offered to buy her a drink and promised her she would be the Pinay diary.

Our babe of the day in the Pinay Diary Honeybabes is already showing some pink

Looking at his broad shoulders and hearing his deep voice started making her horny. They started dancing, normally at first and then erotically till they could not wait any longer. They booked a hotel room and could not even wait to lock the door before they undressed and started licking and sucking each other. She gave out a cry of pleasure when he stuffed his long and hard cock into her eager pussy and drilled it till she spoke in tongues. Honeybabes was just a fuck, but the Pinay diary had an even better story now.

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Carlyn cheats on boyfriend to get even in the Pinay diary

Carlyn, one of the girls from the Pinay diary

Carlyn’s boyfriend had cheated on her, and she wanted to get even. So she went out to the club and after a few drinks and a dance with a guy she liked, she agreed to go with him to his hotel room. She wanted a man with a big dick, and while she erotically danced with him, she felt it and knew it was what she wanted. Carlyn expressly wanted that and she even wanted it written down in the Pinay Diary.

Pinay diary's Carlyn already showing her twat

She undressed and the sight of her big boobs and perky nipples was enough to get his big dick hard. Their touch was magical, and their foreplay and oral sex even more awesome. When their desire reached a boiling point, she bent over and took his long hard dick into her wet and insatiable pussy. She screamed and begged for more as he pumped and thrust his dick further into her pussy. This was an episode that was definitely going into the Pinay diary.

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