Pinay diary entry this week is a Filipina busty babe

Pinay Diary filipina with very large boobies

For a Filipina chick, this is one hell of a set of boobs and they are real, my friends. Girls in this country just don’t often have boobs this big. I had to feel and touch them so I knew they were not fake. In all of my 10 years in this country fucking everything I can get my dick anywhere near, I have only run across a few with boobs so big as this that are real.

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She gets butt fucked and still end up in the Pinay Diary

This babe loves to fuck and she has such a tight hairy pussy she has no trouble getting guys to fuck her. But the one thing she wanted was to get into the Pinay diary, and even though she was fucked in her ass almost as much as she was getting cock stuffed up her pussy, she was still good enough to get her entry included in the diary!

Our Pinay Diary meets a snatch that looks like it's seen some rough fucking

Our Pinay Diary meets a snatch that looks like it’s seen some rough fucking

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